Mission City Flooring
uses state of the art  Bona sanding equipment with DCS [dust containment system] vacuums.
We offer Hardwood Sand and Finish services using Bona Products with GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

Bona Products with GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality offers the consumer modern technology products.
Industry-leading waterborne/oil modified finishes and sealers have always been VOC-compliant and healthier for people and the environment than most other finishes. Providing the highest quality, cleanest finishing process available, Bona protects your health and the environment, while assuring the ultimate in durability and beauty for hardwood floors.

                                                     Hardwood Flooring Sand & Finish Customer Referral List


Francine Roy     Los Gatos          440 s/f                sand/stain/finish                       
650.208.1536           fmroy@comcast.net
                         Portola Valley     380 s/f                 sand/stain/finish                        
                                 Menlo Park        455 s/f                 sand/stain/finish                         
Dan Ward           Sunnyvale          1200 s/f                  sand/finish                                                               drawnad@embarqmail.com

Steve & Linda Oneshi San Jose 1130 s/f                  sand/finish                                 408.439.3206         oneshi@sbcglobal.net

Rudy Garriga                              900s/f                 install/sand/finish                        650.444.4995         rgarriga@cleanwavetech.com

Bruce & Marie Stinnett                390 s/f               sand/stain/finish                         408.253.6657         marbru85@msn.com

Sachi & Paul Mizuno                

Dionisio & Nicki Meneses           350 s/f                sand/stain/finish                          650.678.7636        xdodem@me.com

Vicki Smith                                                                                                                                             vmsmith@comcast.net 

Janet Darrow                             345 s/f                  sand/finish                                 408.264.9467         ljdarrow@comcast.net  
Bruce & Jill Tiernan                   505 s/f           install/stain/sand/finish                     408.768.8992         brucetiernan9@gmail.com    

Lalitha & Rao Palanki                800 s/f           sand/finish red oak                                                          lalithapalanki@gmail.com

Pam Minnia                               760 s/f           install/sand/finish red oak                                                   pmannia@att.net 
Luann Bassinger                       800 s/f           sand/finish red oak                             408.394.0564     luannbasinger@yahoo.com

Troy Hastings                            550 s/f           sand/finish red oak                                                        troy_hastings@yahoo.com

Pavan & Medha Singri             1000 s/f           install/sand/finish red oak                  858.900.8893      pavan.juturu@gmail.com

Nam & Alfred                             800 s/f           sand/stain/finish                                                             namthi@gmail.com

Toni Burroughs                          750 s/f           sand/finish red oak                                               tdburros@gmail.com  

George Lee                               730 s/f           sand/finish red oak                                                         gleenexus@gmail.com

Frank & Jennifer Fellenz           600 s/f           sand/finish/install/boarders red oak                               frank@fellenz.org

Karen Smith                              3800 s/f         sand/finish white oak with staircase                               ksmith@cbnorcal.com


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       Mission City Flooring
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                 CA. State Lic #640374
                            Est. 1992

                           email: mcflooring3@yahoo.com


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